27/Apr/2019,09:19:27 from: yulongppe.com

  The executive staff of Yulong Textile carried on a table tennis competition on April 26th. In order to enrich our cultural lives and promote good communication between us, our company will organizes various sports competitions every year. And before this match, we have successfully held badminton match, basketball match and so on.


  As a Chinese national ball game, each colleague can play table tennis more or less. The game was divided into three games, men's singles, women's singles and mixed doubles. And this time the usual grouping changed, not according to the various departments, just according to the various departments of the staff’s age, the whole game lasted for 5 hours, each group has a winner, and the winner's prize is free to eat a great meal.


  Each game we held is not only to decide who could win, but also to release the great pressures of work and life, show other side of my own and show our more professional style of us. As a protective fabric and protective clothing manufacturing enterprises, the purpose is to better protect the health and safety of personnel, health and safety are not only perform well the protection work in case of an emergency, but also pay attention to look after their health in daily life. Our Yulong textile tradition is to pay attention to the health of employees and combining exertion, only a healthy body can bring higher efficiency.