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  Generally speaking, the kind of flame retardant fabrics is different according to the different standards in our industry. As usual we often have these three ways to distinguish them, the material of fabrics, the performance of fabrics and the technology of fabrics. Now we mainly talk about the latter in specific.

  According to the flame retardant technology we use differently, there are fiber flame retardant and after- treatment flame retardant.


  Fiber flame Fabrics is those who inherently have the good flame resistance, or use the fibers when people have finished flame retardant process to weave and knit.

  And the after-treatment flame retardant technology also have three kinds as per their actual functional valid life, is durable flame retardant, semi-durable flame retardant and only once.

  The durable flame retardant fabrics, which is adopting the chemical method to have the polymerization or condensation reaction on the surface of the interior fiber, and shape the water-insoluble polymer, require the washable durability up to 30 times above.

  The semi-durable flame retardant technology contain banflam method, phosphoric acid ester method and ammonium phosphate - hydroxymethylammonium - methyl vinegar mixed solution method, which can endure 1-10 times mild washing, but cannot resist high temperature and soaping.

  The disposable flame retardant fabrics are the ordinary fabrics which completed flame retardant process in the later dyeing. The biggest deficiency is the flame retardant effect will disappear or apparently decline after the washing. So people often use this kind of fabrics on the occasion which washing less, such as the hotel curtains etc.

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