13/Apr/2019,08:48:29 from: yulongppe.com

  In normal conditions, on the premise of the same color, dyed fabric’s light color fastness is 0.5-1 degree more than the THPC 100% cotton flame retardant fabric. As we know, THPC flame retardant technology will have strong oxidation reaction to the dyestuff, which will cause the color becoming darker and make the light color fastness worse. In order to reach a better light color fastness, we have to continuously improve the technology.


  Firstly, in order to ensure the good light color fastness, dyestuffs should have the nature of light resistant, stability, compatibility and good oxidation resistance. Also, they should not affect each other, which means that a kind of dyestuff will not reduce others’ color fastness. Thus the flame retardant fabric will get high color fastness at the beginning.

  Secondly, after being dyed and treated with flame retardant, the flame retardant fabric should be more washed by hot water to ensure the surface color of the flame retardant is cleaned well. If the dyed fabric’s color is not changed or less changed during sunlight explosure, the light color fastness will be better.

  Lastly, after being dyed and treated with flame retardant, instead of dye fix agents, wrinkle resistance agents and softener, we use anti-UV agents or softener that won’t reduce light color fastness effect so as to reach customer required degree of light color fastness.