The ultraviolet spectrum of the sun not only to fade and embrittlement of textiles, but also make the human skin sunburn aging, resulting in melanin and dark spots, induced cancer, a serious hazard to human health. I plant the production of UV-absorbing fabric containing UV absorption of non-toxic to human health without stimulation without allergic reactions, does not affect the original fabric color, strength and moisture permeability. It is proved that the ultraviolet ray shielding material can effectively shield the ultraviolet radiation, and has good absorption to ultraviolet rays, especially Uv-A and Uv-B, in the wavelength band of 180 to 400 mm, and its ultraviolet shielding factor UPF value Greater than 50, 50 times after washing UPF value is still greater than 40. Has a good UV shielding rate, can well protect the human body from UV damage. The product resistant to washing, safety and environmental protection, can be widely used in tooling and so on