Xinxiang Yu Long textile production of UV fabric is the biggest characteristic is a good UV shielding rate, the value of up to 99.9%, UPF> 50, UVA transmittance <5%, SPF value of 50 +, can be very good Protect the body from UV damage. I produced the UV-resistant fabric washing, safety and environmental protection, can be widely used for tooling and so on.


  With Xinxiang Yu Long textile production of UV protective clothing made of fabrics with excellent resistance to washing performance, non-toxic and tasteless without stimulation, the human body safe and reliable, breathable and moisture, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear.


Xinxiang Yulong Textile specializes in the production of flame-retardant cloth, fluorescent cloth, anti-static cloth, UV cloth, polyester-cotton interwoven fabric, three anti-cloth and other functional fabrics, with many products related to Europe and the United States report, Processing and sales of various cotton, polyester-cotton dyeing fabrics, welcomed the overwhelming majority of customer inquiries.