Cotton / Polyamide Union fire-retardant anti-static fabric is 88% cotton fiber, 12% nylon fiber blended. With good wear resistance, strength better, feel more soft and so on, and its uniforms after wearing life can be extended more than 50%, can be better anti-spark, arc, metal droplets and so on. The flame retardant used is a finishing finishing flame retardant for the durability of cotton fiber and its blended fabric. The main characteristic of the flame retardant is that after the production of the flame retardant is finished, the permanent flame retardant is formed inside the fabric. So that it has the durability of the flame-retardant properties, good washing resistance, non-toxic odor, the human body safe and reliable, breathable and moisture permeability, soft to the touch, wearing Shu Shu, the flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent Flame spread, but also to maintain the original performance of the fabric. In addition to the flame-retardant properties of the fabric, due to the weft inside the fabric woven into the conductive properties of the carbon fiber, so it has a permanent anti-static properties, and the two functions do not interfere with each other, can achieve Their respective functional indicators. Flame retardant properties can be achieved to the European EN11612 (original EN531), EN11611 (original EN470-1), EN533; the United States NFPA2112, ASTM and other standards. Anti-static performance can be achieved EN1149 standards. I have been through the Secretary for detection, and has a certificate.


modelingredientYarn count(S)Width(inch)Gram(gsm)
Cotton and kapok fire retardant tribute88%cotton12%nylon16*1057-58320
Cotton and kapok fire retardant tribute88%cotton12%nylon16*1657-58305
Cotton Kam fire retardant Khaki88%cotton12%nylon20*2057-58245
Cotton / Polyamide Union flame retardant anti - static fabric88%cotton12%nylon16*1057-58335
Mianjin fire - retardant waterproof fabric88%cotton12%nylon16*1657-58255
Mianjin fire - retardant waterproof fabric88%cotton12%nylon32/2*32/257-58255