Public Interest

Our Responsibility

As a responsible enterprise, our aim is not only producing goods and creating profits, we also have to bear responsibility for employees, customers, society and even social responsibility for the environment. Since establishment in 2002, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has been taking “building green plants, creating value for customers, building a stage of life for employees, and contributing to society”as its own mission.


▲ Prohibition of using of child labor

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., ltd. banned the use of child labor and cheap labor, we arrange to recruit adult staff from the society every year and will arrange one-year safety and operation training. The annual June 12 “World Day Against Child Labor”, we will also arrange to popular propagandize the harmfulness of "use of child labor" in the factory.


▲ Create a safe working environment, establish a concept of healthy life

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. firmly believes that: the employees are our greatest assets, setting the stage for the development of our team members, and creating high-quality healthy work environment is one of the most important responsibilities of our enterprise development. Therefore, in April and October of each year, all the members of our company will be organized to have a safety and physical examination, so that we can deeply understand every employee's health condition. And in cooperation with the hospital, we have established a personal health records for each worker. The production line will be checked and maintained regularly by certain person, and all equipment inside the workshop will be maintained and do safety inspection quarterly to prevent personal injury from malfunction caused; the year in spring and autumn we will arrange the necessary fire drills and popularize the disaster risk knowledge, to ensure that personnel can calmly and orderly evacuate in face of the threat of sudden disaster.


▲ Reasonable working hours and benefits

In accordance with the provisions of international labor law, we can not ask our employees for any reason, under any circumstances work more than 48 hours per week, so that to ensure adequate time to rest. In addition to base salary, we also provide heath supplement for each employee based on their working’s feature and arranged staff to have holiday in the annual summer and winter according to their working condition.


▲ Spread love

As a responsible enterprise, social returns are what we have been adhering to perform. Every year, we allocate funds and donate charitable fund to the Hope Primary School where are in the poor areas; There always is a clothing donation box in our office, all the clothing will be cleaned-up and disinfected before sending; there are many people around us need to be cared, so it has become a rigid habits for us to go to the orphanages, nursing homes to help those who need helps.


▲ Build green plant and protect the environment

We are committed to build green plants. Continuous improvement of production and processing technology, making full use of production resources and avoid unnecessary waste. We have spent heavily to build the advanced sewage treatment system and the circulation exhaust gas treatment system. Waste water and waste gas generated during the production can be treated timely and re-use the recyclable resources.


▲ Focus on research and development, produce the safe and green products

We are committed to produce nontoxic and high-quality environmental protection products to humans. We spent a lot of money each year in research and development direction of new products, and now our company already has an excellent R & D team. In the R & D center there is the most advanced equipment. According to market demands, we have been developing new security products which take fire-retardant as principal thing. Currently, the free formaldehyde content value on the flame retardant fabric surface we produced can reach 75PPM or less, to ensure product functionality, while not changing the original performance of the fabric.

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