Why choose us?

Our advantage

1、 Faster delivery cycle


My company's functional fabric factory (dyeing and finishing) and protective clothing factory, can provide customers with a one-stop service from the fabric to the clothing. Perennial with stable inventory, so as to provide customers with a shorter delivery cycle.


2、Mature technology


Company after 15 years of development, the existing professional testing center and improve the detection process, and gathered a large number of excellent R & Dpersonnel, to ensure that we have a mature production process.


3、Improvement of quality control system


Established a comprehensive quality control system, strictly control the production of each link. And a series 

of products sold for quality tracking.

4、Research and development of innovative textile technology


Our company and the local university of textile research institutions to carry out in-depth cooperation, continuous improvement and innovation in the production process, to maintain a leading position in the same industry.


5、Customized according to customer requirements


According to the needs of customers and the characteristics of the use of the environment, more fit to customize the use of the scene of the product, there are a number of world-renowned brands to cooperate with our company, the custom service for our recognition.


6Five star service


Professional customer service team to provide you with 7*24 hours of quick response service, become my company's VIP customers, more can enjoy a professional services, more details of the service can be mail or call advisory.

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