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There is an immediate danger to life and health status (i.e. within thirty minutes is irreparable and irreversible harm to local and chemical accident Center) to participate in the rescue of firefighters (or other personnel in this area) are required to reach a level (asphyxiating or irritating poisons etc.) or B (toxic solid or liquid volatile) protection requirements, the rescue of unknown virus source of the scene of the incident were to reach a level.

(a) class a protection:

It can provide the most perfect protection to the gas and liquid in the surrounding environment.

protection object:

Protection of high vapor pressure, can be absorbed through the skin and highly toxic or carcinogenic chemicals may occur; high concentration liquid spills, contact, infiltration and vapor exposure; contact with unknown chemicals (pure or mixture); pollutant concentration reached IDLH concentration; hypoxia.


Full mask positive pressure air breathing apparatus (SCBA): according to the capacity, the user's vital capacity, activities, etc. to determine the use of gas cylinders;

Fully enclosed airtight chemical protective clothing: airtight system, all kinds of chemical liquids, gas penetration;

Protective gloves: chemical protective gloves;

Protective boots: chemical protective boots;

Safety hat。

(two) class B protection:

The presence of a toxic gas (or vapor) or an environment that is not harmful to the skin.

protection object:

Known as gaseous toxic chemicals, can be absorbed by the skin or respiratory hazards, to achieve IDLH concentration, hypoxia.


SCBA: determine the protection time;

The first batch of chemical protective clothing: non hermetic, anti chemical liquid permeation;

Protective gloves: chemical protective gloves

Protective boots: chemical protective boots

Safety hat。